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The following practices will help ensure your shipment flows smoothly through Canada Customs:

  • Ensure that your supplier provides customs documents for your shipment. A Canada Customs Invoice or other invoice that contains all the fields required by Customs.
  • Ensure that your supplier list and provide a value for each item being shipped. This applies also to items which you are not being charged for. For example, if your shipper throws in catalogues at no charge, these must be declared and a nominal value must be declared for Customs purposes.
  • Make sure the goods are described in layman's terms (part numbers and serial numbers mean very little to Customs).
  • Request that your supplier provide you with a Certificate of Origin for applicable goods. This document eliminates or reduces the Customs duty payable.
  • Have your Customs Brokers' name and phone number indicated on the paperwork for each shipment.
  • Records must be kept for six years from the date of release of your shipment. We keep records in good order in the event of an audit by Customs. You should maintain a copy as well.

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